The LED-system "Aura" is avaialble in almost every hardware product of ASUS ROG. Gaming as a lifestyle is incorporated with LED as decoration and style. Thus we created a LED armor and shot a cinematic trailer to create a hype for the gamescom 2018.

ASUS AURA is a parade example for media influence. In every medium from television to newspaper was a picture of her because she set a new standard for mascots.


Since our establishment in 2018 we were able to covince many brands of the use of costess. Here are some examples of our customers to show you the variety of cosplay-promotions.




 2 factions - 1 goal.

A comicon, that tells a story? Exactly that was the plan at the Herofest in Bern.

With this innovative entertainment concept, every visitor can choose between 2 factions - Solaris and Nox. The whole convention was built with quests around that theme. Both parties were crafted and performed by us.



In 1994 the ESB  ( the Europäische Sponsoring-Börse) was founded. When they renamed themselfes in 2014 in ESB Marketing Netzwerk they were market leader in know-how and contacts in the professional market for sports, entertainment and marketing. 

Their members get to benefit from their countless advantages in the market and many contacts. 

At the same time they support  partnerships and business contacts for new opportunities.



The TCS is also a leading partner in e-sports, where their league and the players are very successful. We built a superhero named S.C.O.T. for events and conventions that fits perfectly to their brand and corporate identity.



HOLOGATE offers turn-key immersive media platforms for location based entertainment and enterprise use. We are the worldwide market leader with compact multiplayer VR systems and have the fastest growing installation base in the history of VR. Until the end of 2019 we will have more than 300 locations world wide reaching more than 5 Million players per year.

 For this client we designed and built a character that got implemented in and 3-d scanned for the game to be the tutorial guide.




Samsung is a well known developer of many technical devices. At the Dreamhack 2019 in Leipzig we first accompanied their booth with 2 fitting characters from League of Legends.

For the Gamescom later in 2019 we created the new brand-macsot Project Cyren and built a successful social media campaign around her to attract many new customers.


Predator Gaming is part of ACER and represents everything, a gamer could wish for.

For the product release of Predator Thronos - the all in one gaming chair, we designed a hero named Program Eden, which was successfully implemented in the release and interacted with the visitors during the event.

Even at the Gamescom 2019 she was a real eye-catcher and visitors took countless selfies with her at the booth..




Trust Gaming is a global company for


They are present on many gaming fairs and events and attatch importance on their interactive apperance. 

The character Tori was the perfect match for that and has been part of many events since her release at the Dreamhack in 2019.

nasty - cybolf - 094_preview.png


For the sports-club of Mercedes Benz we were asked to participate in a professional video shooting to represent the e-sports part.

For that we chose a famous character from the game League of Legends - Project Ashe.